Helping app publishers to monetize 100% of their advertising inventory for the highest earnings.

AdTapsy is an innovative and easy-to-use web platform that helps mobile application publishers to drive maximized revenue from in-app advertising. With AdTapsy’s SDK application developers and publishers can integrate and manage more than one ad network in their applications. AdTapsy auto-prioritizes and rotates the ad networks in order to bring maximum revenue for application publishers from their ad inventory.

How did you meet and what made you think you are the right team to do the job? 

The founders Borislav and Branimir had been friends for the previous four years, with common interests in startups and entrepreneurship. Borislav had achieved several million app downloads; he wanted to optimize the revenue from his apps using mobile ads, but none of the current solutions was working for him. At that time he attended the Startup Academy course run by the Startup Foundation, and during the course he improved and crystallized his idea. AdTapsy won first place at the final presentation in front of a judge’s panel that included representatives of the Startup Foundation and local investors LAUNCHub and Eleven. Then we applied for LAUNCHub’s next window and after few months AdTapsy became one of LAUNCHub’s portfolio companies.

Currently we are team of four people each with extensive skills and experience: Appreneur Borislav, Growth Hacker Branimir plus new team members Stanislav our Java Hacker and Ibrahim our Linux Hacker :)

What are the biggest challenges you are facing right now? 

To test and validate new ideas faster and build the best product for our customers. The customer acquisition cost in this niche is very high and there is big competition.

AdTapsy Dashbord

What motivates you to do it? 

We want to help each app developer to focus more on their application instead of wasting time trying different monetization solutions.

How are you going to change the world? What’s the magic behind your startup? 

Most app developers still don’t make enough money to earn a living, we want to help them to get better returns from their hard work. The magic is in our sophisticated algorithm used to find the best ad network, the place and frequency for best results.

Your biggest success so far? 

Our funding by the best local accelerator and seed fund LAUNCHub. Also our early adopters who have already made millions of impressions through our SDK.

How do you foresee your company in 3 years? 10 years? 

In three years AdTapsy will be the number one place to monetize your apps.

Why have you started in Bulgaria? Do you need to move to succeed? 

There are greatly talented people in Bulgaria and the startup ecosystem is currently developing at high speed. Local investors, co-working spaces and startup organizations are all helping with a lot of events and courses like the Startup Academy which helps more young entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams. We think that in the online business it doesn’t matter so much where you are located.