CEE Startup Awards is organized for first time this year and that makes the event even more interesting.

The idea is to promote startups from Central and Eastern Europe and to make it visible to the world. The awards are organized in Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Serbia and Slovakia.

Over 100 startups, organizations and people from Bulgaria have been submitted through the online form of the event. It’s quite exciting we’ve came so far. Couple of years you can count on the fingers of your hands the technology startups in operations in Sofia.

Startup of the year, investor of the year, founder of the year and service provider of the year are the four major categories in which up to 5 participants have been pre-selected by specially appointed committee.

Here are the nominees:

Startup of the Year

  • Jumpido
  • Transmetrics
  • SecondLifeElectronics
  • pCloud
  • Flipps

The Bulgarian startup of the year: pCloud

pCloud Storage


Founder of the Year

  • Georgi Kadrev, Imagga
  • Martin Hristov
  • Stefan Ivanov, Stepsss
  • Tunio Zafer, pCloud
  • Asparuh Koev, Transmetrics

The Bulgarian founder of the year: Asparuh Koev


Investor of the Year 

  • Eleven
  • Lyuben Belov
  • Todor Breshkov

The Bulgarian investor of the year: Lyuben Belov


Service Provider of the Year 

  • ABLE
  • StartItSmart
  • StartUP Foundation

The Bulgarian service provider of the year: StartUP Foundation 



The winners of Bulgarian charter are taking part in the finals in Budapest on May 30.