Access the best events nearby, wherever you are

Clusterize is a mobile app that curates public events on Facebook using artificial intelligence. It makes it easy for its users to discover interesting events, see who’s attending, and follow their friends to always know where they intend to go. They promise you will never miss the cool parties, and interesting seminar or new art exhibit. What makes it event better is it has a social component. You do not want to go this places yourself but with some friends.

The smart technology behind Clusterize uses machine learning to extract meaning from Facebook events and automatically classify them in 20 categories. All interesting events are sorted out so you can see the events that you might want to attend based on your interest, the interests of your friends and your past activity.

Clusterize Music Events


Clusterize is available on Apple App Store & Google Play Store and the current version includes some interesting features:

  • you can browse by day and find out what’s up for the weekend and in the proximity of your current location
  • use a heat map to find places where people with similar interests are crowding
  • add events of interest to your Google Calendar

Currently there are over 129K events crowlered and there’s big chance you will find the right events.

Here are some questions we asked the Clusterize team.

clusterize team

How did you meet and what made you think you are the right team to do the job?

It was first me and Niki who spoke about creating an app that helps people get together by interests. Then, I met George and Dimitar, as if almost by chance. So we are two developers, one designer, and a marketer; everyone shared the same vision and passion about the product, so it felt natural to start working together.

What are the biggest challenges you are facing right now?

Launching Clusterize and reaching product/market fit is the hardest.  The moment we discover which type of users genuinely want to use the app, their needs become the biggest priority for us. We have to take into account the differences in each and every country and get advantage of markets that respond best to the app.  It’s a step-by-step approach.

What motivates you to do it?

Technology definitely gives and takes. 10 years ago, I would simply go to а basketball court and play basketball with whoever was there. Well… everyone was there. But it’s not like that anymore. What motivates us is that it should be easier for people to do whatever they want to do with like-minded others.

How are you going to change the world? What’s the magic behind your startup?

Cities are full of life, bustling with people who have diverse interests. Our goal is to help them clusterize around what they feel like doing. We honestly belive that enabling people to get together will somehow ignite a spark in them to do more. So, using our skills and some secret ingredients, we’re trying our best to make an impact. Stay tuned and keep an eye on Clusterize.

Your biggest success so far?

We’ve stuck together, we’re working hard on creating a good product, and we have Bulgaria’s best investor, LAUNCHub, behind our backs to support us. The rest is up to as to keep on doing a good job.

Clusterize Browse Events

How do you foresee your company in 3 years? 10 years?

In three years Clusterize will be popular app worldwide and will helps people do whatever excites them nearby.

Why have you started in Bulgaria? Do you need to move to succeed?

Bulgaria is a great starting point for startups from the region. Labour and living costs are low, compared to other European countries, so the investment burns out slower than expected. You also get the flat 10 percent corporate income tax. There’s a booming startup ecosystem with three investment funds (Eleven, Launchub, and NEVEQ), and a good choice of coworking spaces. The country is the leading provider of software outsourcing and customer support services on the Balkans, with most young people speaking at least one foreign language. In other words, Bulgaria has many skilled startup enthusiasts looking to get their hands dirty with something more exciting than corporate work.