Polished and well designed apps.

Polished and well designed apps. This is what Coodemotion likes to be associated with. When you see their apps, exactly that is what comes to your mind. Gosh, definitely well designed apps. For the guys that run the company (Robert, Vasil & Nikolay) it’s more than mission, it has become a burning passion. 

Three apps are keeping them busy.  The first app, Lendpal was released the end of July and claims to be the easiest way to keep track of money and other items you borrow or lend to friends, family or roommates. You give money or land a book and keep forgetting when they are due or who did you give it to. You can also use the app to split the rent, manage your home expenses, share groceries to mention a few examples. Lendpal is available for iOS and can be downloaded for free for a limited time.

Codemotion’s second app is called Freely and was just released (mid August). It helps freelancers to properly do time tracking and send simple invoices for the work done. Download the app from App Store and give it a try.

The third and most ambitious project is an innovative calendar app. Not much was disclosed about what kind of features it will offer, but we will see in November 2014. So stay tuned.

We’ve asked couple questions one of the founders, Vasil Enchev.



How did you meet and what made you think you are the right team to do the job? 

We met trough a friend, I was in desperate need of good iOS developers. Once we started working together I was surprised how much Robert and Nikolay cared about design and that was the moment I knew!

What are the biggest challenges you are facing right now? 

Freelance employment. All of us have additional engagements in various products that consume big part of our time. 

What motivates you to do it? 

We know that we can do it! We are the experts and we owe it to our selfs to make something of our own. 

How are you going to change the world? What’s the magic behind your startup? 

We have the best team. We are hungry, we are motivated and we are very fast and effective. 

Your biggest success so far? 

We submitted our second app for review the same day our first was just approved! 

How do you foresee your company in 3 years? 10 years? 

In 3 years we are going the have a substantial portfolio of good apps, cross platform. Ones we have a steady income we plan to grow the company, hiring new people making even better apps. Millions of users will have our apps on their phones and computers. In 10 years I imagine us to have a company so strong that even if you remove the key people the company will continue to operate normally. Then of course we are going to invest in real world problems making robots and stuff like that…  

Why have you started in Bulgaria? Do you need to move to succeed? 

We have everything we need right here! Great people for hire at amazingly low cost.

website: www.codemotion.com

twitter: @codemotionapps