9 Bulgarian startups have been selected from thousands to join some of the world’s leading early stage technology companies at the Web Summit in Dublin, Ireland this October.

Companies from over 80 countries will be joining the Web Summit, alongside some of the world’s most internationally renowned investors, and global media.

These companies were selected for their huge potential not just in Bulgaria, but internationally.

Paddy Cosgrave, founder of the Web Summit, said:
“We’re delighted to have such a disproportionate amount of companies from Bulgaria joining us at this year’s event. It’s a real testament to the strength of the startup ecosystem in Sofia and beyond.”

Short profiles of the companies that will be joining are below:

Sensika introduces a new approach to corporate information management, democratizing the access to actionable insights on any company level.

Sponsia is the online marketplace facilitating the connection between sponsors and organizers of events, causes & activities.

FootballScout is a professional web based platform for football players, agents, coaches and teams.

CaseTrek is revolutionizing how legal practice management is done in small to mid size law firms, targeting mainly the US and UK.

Playground Energy are reinventing the oldest game platform – playgrounds by harvesting kinetic energy there and creating new exciting experiences for kids

Spinwise has made a solution which is going to retire use of walkie-talkies on snow slopes to communicate.

OMG Mobile has developed unique mobile app platform that aims to establish global open platform for taxi companies and taxi apps.

Creative Cells aims to unify retail loyalty programs. They are unique because they apply gamification and enticing mobile UI.

Imagga democratizes image understanding technologies by wrapping them in a cloud platform of powerful APIs that allow auto-cropping, color extraction & search, categorization and auto-tagging of large image collections.

About Web Summit:

Web Summit is Europe’s largest technology conference. This year, over 8,000 participants from across the world will join the global event on the 30th and 31st of October. Many of the world’s leading entrepreneurs, investors, and technology executives will be speaking at and attending this year’s event. For more information and details, visit: http://www.websummit.net

Peter O’Malley, Dublin, Ireland