Today LAUNCHub announced the next cohort of startups that are being backed with funding from the 9M seed fund. Four of the companies are Bulgarian – StatAceEdhub,Play for Job, CloudRunner, and one is Greek – codebender. As of today, LAUNCHub has invested in 25 startups from 5 countries in the Balkan region – Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, Romania and Greece.

In addition to the new investments, the fund happily announced two follow-on investments in Dragon Inside and Deed, which were previously backed from LAUNCHub.

CloudRunner is an IT infrastructure automation framework that helps DevOps in IT organizations to manage and understand IT infrastructure throughout its lifecycle. CloudRunner takes systems from build and test to deploy, configure, manage and audit.

StatAce is collaborative, affordable and scalable online statistical analysis software.

codebender is an online development platform for embedded hardware users, such as electronics hobbyists, makers, interaction design artists and professional engineers.

Edhub is a platform that provides unified access to K12 data for software developers and helps schools benefit from the innovation in educational technology.

Play for Job is a gamified job platform aiming to improve the overall process of job offering and recruitment.