Jobio is an innovative online platform that improves the process of recruitment and assessment of job candidates. Through the platform, candidates have the opportunity to prove their professional skills and demonstrate their growth potential.


Vladimir Vasilev – Jobio’s creative hipster with a design mindset and passion for social change
Vladislav Velkov – Jobio’s hustler dealing with IT and Business Development
Gabriela Kusheva – Jobio’s HR geek scrutinizing everything to the smallest detail


Helping companies and candidates find their perfect match and feel happy of it.

Unique selling point:

We understand the problem from every angle – company, recruiter & job seeker.




Recruitment nowadays is a real burden to the people involved. Most of the time the young job applicants fall into the trap of miscommunication and fail to succeed. There is an enormous gap between the HR specialists and the job seekers and the only existing bridge linking those two parties are the standard CVs.

Vladimir’s experience has proven that the established CV sending method is not working. A year ago when he was still part of AIESEC (the world’s largest student organization) he had the chance to participate in various career development programs and forums. He met hundreds of students and gathered a great amount of information about their problems during the job seeking process. He even has experienced by himself the job hunting horror. Those problems made him realize that something has to be done. That was the moment when he contacted Vladislav who already had a business and recruiting experience and both made the wheels of the engine start rolling. They wanted a team composed of people familiar with all aspects of the recruitment process and decided to invite Gabriela who was back then working as an HR specialist. In the beginning JOBIO was planned as more extravagant project. They wanted to develop special computer games that make a detailed personality and professional profile of the player. This was the project that they pitched at Launchub but it didn’t take them very long to face the reality and understand that at this stage the idea was way too ambitious and complex for realization. That’s why they decided with JOBIO as it is currently known and made their first pivot.

We met Vladimir on a beautiful fall day and asked him a few question. This is what he shared with us:

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How did you meet and what made you think you are the right team to do the job?

Me and Vladislav were both from AIESEC and had the opportunity to work on various projects together. Later on Vladislav introduced me to Gabi and we started building JOBIO. We had also a fourth co-founder but he dropped at an early stage of the startup.

What are the biggest challenges you are facing right now?

The HR market nowadays is to a great extend technologically conservative and we have to implement our innovative way of recruitment among employers and employees. Another challenge that we face right now is the fact the people got accustomed to CVs and it takes time to convince them to adopt our method. But we see the need of our solution and it’s easy to determine it as people who have tried our services once have discovered that JOBIO gives them more advantages than the ordinary CV. So, for now we are focusing more on showing the world that such thing may exist and it works.

And how do you approach the companies and the applicants?

We have a personal approach to all of our clients as we want each of them to be a small MVP for us. The various companies have different requirements and we try to satisfy most of them. We are acting on the principle of direct sales. With people we have a wider approach and we also have strategic partners like AIESEC, 9acdemy, Teach for Bulgaria, ABLE, and other local and international student organizations. In collaboration with them we take part in career forums and presentations in the universities. We organize practical seminars at which we teach people how to build their personal brand. We have more than 3000 active accounts that we’ve managed to attract by almost zero marketing budget.

What motivates you to do it?

Actually our motivation is surprisingly powerful. And we are surprisingly stubborn. We make a market place which means there are two parts of the coin and there is a saying that if a startup is making a market place, it is practically doing two startups at the same time. We believe in our solution and the thing that motivates us most is the idea that the recruitment problems are almost the same everywhere and we have an enormous potential for growth. We had been part of an international conference with countries from Eastern Europe, North America, and Western Europe. The people who were attending this conference shared that they had similar problems. Throughout the whole Eastern Europe people have almost identical recruitment issues like the lack of various opportunities for interaction between the recruiters and the job seekers as well as the lack of technological innovations. In Western Europe the problems are a bit different. There the technological innovations are present but they are not adjusted to the needs of young people. Our motivation is fueled by the fact that we started with the idea to help ourselves and the idea has grown bigger and now we have the chance to help more and more people like us find their professional path.

How are you going to change the world? What’s the magic behind your startup?

We’d like to think that JOBIO gives happiness to people. It may sound like an absurd but if we think how much time we spent in working we’ll realize that if a person doesn’t like his job, he often feels miserable. People spent 1/3 of their day at work and if their working environment isn’t the one they feel comfortable in, they are most likely not suitable for it. Both sides may lose in this situation as the business productivity drops down and your personal motivation, too.

Your biggest success so far?

One of our biggest achievements so far is the fact that we’ve managed to win 3 companies that are actually paying us. Ficosota Syntez is one of the companies that tried our platform for free and returned as a paying client as they were really satisfied with the results. Actually our greatest success is the satisfaction of our clients, the positive feedback that we daily receive.


How do you foresee your company in 3 years? 10 years?

In Bulgaria we want to be the possible solution for the young people. We dream of the day when people won’t say “Hire me!”, but instead will say “Jobio me!”. In the next 3 to 5 years we want to see our solution on international market all over Europe and USA.

Who do you see as main competitors of JOBIO?

Most of the big and already established players. For Bulgaria they are; JobTiger, etc. and for Europe – Monster, Indeed, LinkedIn, and others. There are also many small startups that target the same audience as ours but to be honest they are still small fishes in the sea and we aim to be the next big thing for younger people.

Why have you started in Bulgaria? Do you need to move to succeed?

We started in Bulgaria as we believe that here we have better environment to make something meaningful and to register an impact. In theory every startup should aim the international market but always have in mind that the most familiar market is the one at which it is present and we wanted to help our market and then spread internationally.

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