Online shopping for the masses

Kaymu an online shopping community that aims to connect and empower local sellers and buyers. Buyers have access to a wide variety of products including electronics, books, fashion items, mobile phones & tablets and tons of gadgets. Sellers are immediately given national exposure, which increases their traffic and consequently their revenues.

The company was created in December 2012 in Nigeria and Pakistan and has already expanded to over 30 countries across Africa, Asia and now Europe. It is the brainchild of Africa Internet Holding, e-commerce group, backed by Rocket Internet founded by the German Samwer brothers who made millions by cloning digital businesses.

“I joined the company at the very beginning, in 2012, right after finishing school. I launched operations in Nigeria – the perfect launching platform because it teaches you that anything that can go wrong will go wrong. It’s a very dynamic market of 200 million people with though infrastructure but amazing business opportunities. I then moved to North Africa and Asia before moving back to Europe where I studied. I contacted Bozhidar Iliev six months ago. I was impressed by his resume and first hands start up experience. He is an award winning young entrepreneur with a great talent and business skills. We decided to launch the platform in November 2014 in Bulgaria. First we assembled a small team of high qualified IT and Sales specialists. We had a marketing expert joining our team in September and we were ready to roll.”, shares Saad Cheema.

Kaymu is currently in more than 30 countries. It’s one of the very few companies, providing jobs in places like Zambia, in countries that there is almost no e-commerce. They are bringing employment and new opportunities like teaching how-to-sell, teaching sellers how to go on board and make money for their families. Africa and Asia have some really big countries with really big populations. The population of Nigeria is 250 million people, Pakistan – 180 million. The internet penetration in these huge markets  is much lower and the sellers are not as educated as in Europe.

In Bulgaria the population is ways more literate and aware of the possibilites to buy and sell online. The internet penetration is much higher, actually Bulgaria has one of the fastest Internet in the world in therms of speed. Kaymu’s strategy for Bulgaria and the region will be on cool features and excellent customer service as in Europe there is less need of seller education.

We’ve asked the Kaymu couple of questions. Read on.

Kaymu Platform

What are the biggest challenges you are facing right now?

Our biggest challenge is how to differentiate from local classifieds. We are not an e commerce website. We provide an easy access to anyone who wants to buy and sell online. Kaymu is a unique provider of selling opportunities for young entrepreneurs. It provides small business in every town and village in Bulgaria the access to free marketing, branding, marketing of their products in our social media channels and spread of the word of mouth in the virtual community. Entrepreneurs can reach out to new people, new markets or if they prefer to sell to people who live on the same street, neighborhood or town. We are a “mobile-first”kind of  company. For us downloads of our Android application and the selling and shopping from mobile devices is number one goal. Everyone can sell literally thousands of products from their mobile device We want to become the largest online shopping community outside the U.S. and China.

What motivates you to do it?

To do business in Bulgaria? The people! I have to admit it’s the best country to launch a startup, Bulgarians are extremely entrepreneurial. And I believe Bulgaria has real potential to become a leading market in Eastern Europe. The potential for online retailing in Bulgaria and other Eastern Europe countries is fantastic. In Europe, we are targeting a 100 million person market that is mature enough to offer secured delivery and online payment solutions.

How are you going to change the world? What’s the magic behind your startup?

We are entrepreneurs who love entrepreneurs. We want to empower SMEs in the countries where we’re active. Our team provides each seller with a set of tools, workshops and market insights that will help him or her become successful. Our sellers success is our success.

Your biggest success so far?

We think that the countries we operate in have so much potential but they have been completely overlooked. We’re proud to cater to markets often neglected by other established selling platforms. We’re also proud to promote local SMEs.

In Africa and Asia we have positively impacted the local communities and are aiming at doing the same in Europe.

How do you foresee your company in 3 years? 10 years?

Our plans for Bulgaria, just like I mentioned, are to become the number one online shopping community. We want people to know us and adopt us. We want to introduce some very exciting cutting edge features, which I don’t think I should tell you about at this point. We want to have the best partners, offer the best products and keep expanding to new countries.

We have very big plans for Bulgaria and we plan to keep expanding to more countries!