Take charge of your law practice with the one tool that does it all

LegalTrek is the integrated legal practice management solution designed for small-to-medium law firms. The platform is developed with the help of 300 attorneys in eight countries.

LegalTrek’s mission is to make it easier for lawyers to manage their practices. It uses cutting-edge technology to bring legal practice management into the 21st century.

How did you meet and what made you think you are the right team to do the job? 

Ivan Rasic and me met at the startup event organized by StartIt organization on 1st September 2012. Everyone was late for the start of the event, so we met in front of the locked door. From that moment on we got on few beers, talked a lot about startups and finally in December Ivan told me about legal industry technology issues. Once we took a better look we decided it’s time to start. That was on January 2013. Generally what told us we should work together is both passion, integrity and commitment to do a great work together.

What are the biggest challenges you are facing right now? 

What would startups be without the challenge. Every time brings different challenges. Currently being close to product market fit, we are in front of the sales process. Biggest challenge there is finding channels that are bringing continuos stream of prospects, and finding right processes to optimize conversions and sales process. To overcome challenges my biggest advice is to read books and step out of the comfort zone.

What motivates you to do it? 

I’ve always been, and I think Ivan shares this, passionate about what I am doing. When I see a challenge I get motivated. And you can always make your life exciting and avoid being bored by introducing new stuff. So motivation comes from throwing yourself where you’ve never been before and trying to conquer the situation.

Legal Trek

How are you going to change the world? What’s the magic behind your startup? 

LegalTrek vision is far beyond just making one tool that helps law firms. While it’s a first and necessary step, where we see ourselves is being able to do currently unimaginable things for lawyers and legal industry. All while making this technologies affordable for all the players on the market.

Your biggest success so far? 

Being able to survive bad things in life and stay true to myself. There’ve been a quite of these. In startup world, my biggest success is building startup that was successful and popular. That was 1st one, now I am onto second one and I expect it to be even bigger and more satisfying.

How do you foresee your company in 3 years? 10 years? 

In 3 years we would be happy to build very successful product with more then 10-20,000 users worldwide. From there on we could create line of products and go for being big player as Lexis Nexis or Thompson Reuters are now.

Why have you started in Bulgaria? Do you need to move to succeed? 

We have mainly started in Bulgaria because we were invited by Eleven to join the program. After 3 months we realized we like Sofia and energy here. Also, work force is awesome and we love our team here. So there is a mix of many great things and we recommend Bulgaria as one of the best places for permanent base for european startups. We will hardly ever move our R&D center from here, but we will establish offices all around the world for sure, so we can server our customers better and more direct.