Yesterday I had the honor to be part of the third LaunchHub Long Weekend as a "mentor". 16 teams from Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, Slovenia and some with mixed participation (Serbia, Greece) presented on stage. I then met with about six of them. I will try to say a few words about each of the teams that impressed me in a way.

This is not going to be a presentation of all teams, sorry. Today is the actual selection day and I wish all the best to the teams. The below expressed opinions are mine only, enjoy:

#1 Affovi – A big and talented technical team – four people to be exact, put a significant effort to build a protocol that offloads bandwith from the streaming server and distributes it among all connected devices – phones, PCs, etc. Not only that – the team also built native iOS and Android apps.

Affovi’s main problem was that they had not decided on the audience that they will present to. Their presentation was not developers oriented, nor end-clients oriented. It was in the middle, and I had to explicitly ask them if as an event organizer I wil lower my streaming costs with them. The answet was “yes”, however how lower remains to be calculated.

#2 AzonMobile – A team of three with pretty impressive traction. AzonMobile’s QR campaign + Mobile site generator platform has already attracted clients such as Loreal, Philips, Nissan, etc. Although I personaly believe that the QR is a born-dead idea, even if the team sticks to the Moile Site Development GUI, they can still make it.

#3 Basketball-united – a passionate group of people with a big dream – building a crowdfunded and crowd-directed proffessional sports team. The idea is just too idealistic and cash demanding to work. However, with the deep financial problems of almost all sports teams, if they manage to make and prove a working model for an increased fan involvement which will also bring money – well, they might have something then.

#4 Pubsonic – a great SOLR-powered research papers visualization tool. The example is with Biomedical data, so I am not sure how it will work with Architecture or Electronics for example, but with Bio – it is just beautiful. The team has the expertise, so I hope they make it.

#4 RiftForge – an online RPG with beautiful graphics and a team that has already made two small, but successful exits, the last one to VMWare. Games, though saturated market there’s always a place for a good browser-based, RPG with short missions that can be even played in the coffee break.

$5 StatAce – A statistical data visualization and collaboration tool built on top of the popular “R” language. The founder is fully devoted and has already put a good 10-month full-time effort into the project.

#6 – Ultrasonic – a product for concentraed audio waves, well next-generation speakers by 5 talented Slovenian engineers. They have huge manufacturing cost (~600 EU per piece) which will not allow their product to go mainstream unless they can put economy of scale to work with the LH money.