Melissa Climate promises to save you money due to smart energy consumption

The Bulgarian startup company Melissa Climate recently received 500 000 Euro  investment to start growing their distribution network throughout Europe. The company was founded an year ago and manufactures a device for internet control of air conditioners with the promises of up to 25% savings from energy consumption.

Investors in Melissa Climate are two Bulgarian VC’s – one of the top Europe’s accelerators – 11 & Rosslyn Capital – Bulgarian investment fund for development at a later stage.

Melissa Climate

The company plans to expand operations in bigger markets for air conditioners – Turkey, Spain, Italy and Greece, but will continue selling their product in Bulgaria as well.

The Bulgarian team developed a device that makes the control of air conditioners possible from every place in the world. All the user needs is a smartphone. The device is plug and play like and works with all brands and models of air conditioners.

But why air conditioners?

“Not many people are familiar with the fact that up to 50% of the energy consumption is controlled by the air conditioner. The bad news are that the air conditioners knows nothing about us – when do we get home, what temperature do we prefer etc. Melissa can make every single air conditioner smart. She plans how to manage the temperature at home, in order to achieve comfort at best price.” – says Lyubomir, CEO of the company.

Based on the location of the user, Melissa decides when and how to control the temperature at home. For example, when you are not home, she keeps a different temperature, but as soon as she finds out you are heading home, she turns the air conditioner on. You arrive at a cool place in the summer and warm – in the winter without thinking about the air conditioner at home and the electricity bill.