Cloud storage is really hot. But having Dropbox and Copy as competitors is not easy.

Let’s see what pCloud, a Bulgarian baked personal and professional cloud storage has in store and how it is challenging the market.

pCloud is a cloud storage for photos, videos, documents and any small or large files without worrying about size limits. The service is available for all devices and platforms – desktop, web and mobile. All your files are immediately synchronized between your computer,  iOS or Android devices, so you have an instant access to any updates you make.

The service also has “Upload links”, so receiving large files is not a problem anymore. You can just create an unique link which you can give to anyone to upload files directly into a folder in your personal pCould.

pCloud storage features

Sharing content is very simple, too! You can create access link to any file or folder in your pCloud and send it to your colleagues and friends. Sharing folders with other pCloud users is as easy as it gets. You can effortlessly modify permissions (read, modify, create, delete) you grant to every single user. On top of that using files shared with you is just like working with your own files – simple!

They are in stealth mode and are working on all fronts – Windows, Mac and Lunix desktop clients, Mac OS and Android apps are currently available, and Windows 8 and BlackBerry apps are coming soon.

If you sing in, you get 10GB for free and for every friend refered to the service you get 1GB extra. Register today and try ot the service

Business and individuals are offered bigger storage plans, so nobody is left behind.



How did you meet and what made you think you are the right team to do the job? 

pCloud: Our team had already worked together on some other web and mobile projects, even in some similar to pCloud, like file sharing.
All team members are great specialists in their respective sphere and we all complement each other perfectly.

What are the biggest challenges you are facing right now? 

pCloud: We are not pioneers in cloud storage market, there is a big and strong competition, but the service we’re building now makes the existing ones look outdated. Our biggest challenge would be to bring our technology to the people, then the features, the lack of limits, real-time synchronization and ease of sharing will do the rest.

What motivates you to do it? 

pCloud: We know we have created a better storage service than what’s on the market, and really passionate about it.

How are you going to change the world? What’s the magic behind your startup? 

pCloud: The volume of personal data is growing every day and bring the need of services to have access to the data from everywhere and any device.
We will serve the best solution to store and share any information with no file size or speed limit.
We will deliver not only ready applications, but also an open API, which developers can use to create incredible apps with real time cloud storage.
pCloud also allows the users to store their music or video collection independently in the cloud and play it on every device from everywhere.

Your biggest success so far? 

pCloud: Implementing the system to match our expectations – real-time synchronization, no scaling limits, support for all the devices people would use, and of course the very simple, yet powerful sharing.

How do you foresee your company in 3 years? 10 years? 

pCloud:In 3 years:

  • To be in top 3 in cloud storage services in the world.
  • To have a solution to be on every device from your daily life, as an app or directly integrated.
  • To deliver live streaming service from the cloud to all multimedia devices, and to be a known name in the enterprise services.

Why have you started in Bulgaria? Do you need to move to succeed? 

pCloud: We are from Bulgaria, and seem to like it here. There’s a great atmosphere for startups here, and some very good people to work with.

* * *

Company Name: pCloud


twitter: @pcloudapp