Revolutionary new password system, impossible to be compromised by the available modern technologies.

Phantom Login is a phantom password system that no one can see and once applied, users never need to hide it again. It is not vulnerable to camera and keyloggers, because users never enter their real code. It’s fast, extremely secure and most of all offers unmatched experience for the user.

In a sense Phantom Login is a a new type of virtual keyboard that uses combination of visual hints to replicate the traditional concept of password input. What makes it unique is the users never enter their real code but a sequence of images that represent it.

The startup was nominated to represent Bulgaria for European Intel Challenge Competition and event though it didn’t manage to go through and qualify for the finals in Berkeley, CA, the project was one for the favorites.


Here are some questions we asked the founders.

How did you meet and what made you think you are the right team to do the job? 

Phantom Login is founded by Alexander Tsvetkov, Simeon Kostov & Stoyan Balabanov. We spent a lot of time to create a great team to make this startup successful. Now we have one of the best experts at visual communication in Bulgaria, as well as well as a great successful corporate software sells man.
Two investors believed in the project and committed to it – an angel investor, who invested 100K EUR & Eleven Accelerator Fund, which just secured 50K EUR for our company.

What are the biggest challenges you are facing right now? 

Promoting a revolutionary new technology is quite a big challenge everywhere around the world. Of course if you are based in Bulgaria and you are trying to disrupt the security industry, everything is much more complicated.  Our biggest challenge is to promote successfully our security software to the conservative financial institutions.


What motivates you to do it? 

We do not want just to make business. We have a goal, we have a cause! To build a strong company that will last for long.

How are you going to change the world? What’s the magic behind your startup? 

This innovative password system puts an end to phishing, pharming, brute force, keylogger, trojan horse, man in the middle, password stealer, occupational fraud, carding, skimming, camera and over the shoulder looking. Once created, the password is virtual and encrypted on a server and even the founders of this system are not able to hack it. Phantom Login is the only password system in the world, which provides “great experience” for the users using it.

Your biggest success so far? 

Bulgarian National Bank is implementing our security software to all computers in the institution. It will become our first corporate customer with thousands of installations. 

How do you foresee your company in 3 years? 10 years? 

Our goal is reach 100 million users in 3 to 5 years. Our go to market strategy is based on fast market expansion via telecoms and strategic partners. 

Why have you started in Bulgaria? Do you need to move to succeed? 

We are born in Bulgaria and we have a lot of contacts here, so it was much easier to start working on our products here. When we make our company a global brand, we will be proud that we started from the country where we were born.

Here’s how the app looks like: