Bulgaria was well presented on European Pirate Summit, unique event, held every year in Cologne. It’s more than conference, it’s startup/pirate gathering of people all over Europe and beyond. It’s two days full of exciting talks, extensive networking and lot’s of pirate practice – casual drinking and idea pitching.

Two Bulgarian startups have been selected to “walk the plank” (the pirate way to pitch) and they did extremely great. StorPool got the Most Difficult Makret award, while Imagga got really positive feedback from the German startup media right after the event.

Ivo from UAN was one of the event ambassadors and did have 5 min to spread the word about the vibrant startup ecosystem in Sofia. It wasn’t hard thing to do as so many people have already met with almost 10 Bulgarians present at the event. Looked like Bulgaria will be on the radar during these and the following year 😉 LAUNCHub did have the opportunity to speak from the stage on their strategy to attract the best startup from the Balkans. If that’s not enough, Dobroslav from Imperia Online got a session on Browsergames: Product or Service.

The speakers lineup during two days of the event was just awesome – Evan Nisselson on Ups and Downs of Entrepreneurship, Shira Abel on Starrrtup Marketing for Pirates, Gabriel Hubert on Pivoting like a boss, Andreas Klinger on Startup Metrics for Pirates, Rob Fitzpatrick on Lean Startup in Practice, Devin Hunt on Advanced Business Model Design to mention some.

The parties after the sessions were great. How many time have you been to a party where you can actually get tougher around bonfire and burn stuff?

Pirate Summit was awesome and we expect the next year edition to be a blast too.