There’s something about the atmosphere when you enter the Swipes HQ in Sofia. Flipcharts everywhere, walls filled with sticky notes and action plans and a team hurdled into an open-space island desk, coding away. It’s almost serene, the silence disturbed only by swooshes of fast-typing fingers. That’s until Kasper & Stefan, two of the Co-Founders, suddenly decide to take a “creative break” in the form of a quick round of Starcraft. They may seem like an odd bunch at first, but there’s a reason this productivity company was voted Best New Startup in 2014 by Evernote, and that is all thanks to this incredible team behind the idea.

Swipes is a Danish-Bulgarian startup created back in March 2013 by three young entrepreneurs – Kasper Pihl Tornøe, Yana Vlatchkova & Stefan Vladimirov. Backed by Danish VCs and Angels, almost 2 years later, the company can claim many impressive achievements, like their product being nominated #1 Productivity App in over 147 countries (Apple Store statistics) building a global base of more than 200K users and expanding their team with advisors by the likes of Lasse Chor (serial entrepreneur & investor, silicon valley)and Chris Chabot (Head of International Business Development at Twitter, entrepreneur, speaker). On the other hand there’s also the Danish angel investor Kristian Ottosen, who supports the company’s growth both financially and as an active advisor. Kristian is a serial entrepreneur with the experience of growing companies from scratch and turning them to international suppliers of high-end software solutions for the likes of NASA and Fortune 500 companies.


Swipes on Android visual

In a matter of less than a year, Swipes reported to have tripled their team, adding a sales/ marketing hub of specialists to support the ongoing campaigns and launches. Attracting members with a business mindset, specialized in various areas, such as customer segmentation, viral marketing, content creation and community management, may prove to be the power engine to blast this start-up to the next level. On top of that, the technical department has recruited the Brazilian programming wiz Felipe, who despite his young age has managed to accumulate more than 8 years of programming experience and is currently helping Swipes with launching their anticipated Android version. Another impressive addition to the team is Stanimir, a former senior developer at Telerik and a true iOS hacker, he’s helping Swipes reach it’s full potential on the platform.

You can read more about how the company evaluated their progress in 2014 here.

Going back to the core team, we must note that their young age shouldn’t fool you. All of them come from an international entrepreneurial background and Swipes is not their first round at the rodeo. Kasper has founded 4 other companies and has been an active member and organizer within the Danish start-up community for years. Yana, with her multinational experience in business and marketing, has a knack for everything digital and brings a certain “je-ne-sais-quoi” to Swipes’ marketing efforts and customer relationship management. And Stefan? A design and creative prodigy with his own agency behind his back, he’s the one responsible for the slick design and the quality of visual content we’ve seen from the company so far. This blend of technical, creative and business mind-sets, all dedicated to personal improvements and productivity experiments seem to be the formula behind the company’s success.


So what makes the Swipes app so special? For starters, the app provides the user with a very slick, minimalistic and easy-to-follow design. No unnecessary clutter, and yet it’s somehow packed with all the complex functionalities any award-winning productivity app must have: snoozing tasks, reviewing to-do lists, prioritising, adding action steps and much more. The integration with Evernote and the recent drastic team growth makes Swipes a very hot dot on our “to-watch” radar and we wonder – what else does the team have up in their sleeves for 2015?

The company just announced an upcoming expansion to 2 new platforms: Android and Mac, as well as two new integrations with Gmail (iOS only) and Chrome. With the new additions to the family Swipes may have the potential to become a true cross-platform productivity hub for all your work and personal task management. Read the full announcement here.

The key to the app’s success so far is its ability to de-clutter your day by focusing on the right task at the right time. A lot of other productivity tools we’ve come across are battling with exactly this issue – they are so complicated in the way they function, that the regular user can be left feeling overwhelmed by the amount of work he or she needs to do at any given time. With this app all of the stress is stripped away by their powerful snoozing functionality, which allows the user to prioritize and focus on a given assignment at a pre-defined time, managing activity spreads in an easier, more relaxed manner. The best part – it’s all completely free!

With 4 new additions to the core team as of 2015, some great new integrations coming our way and a growing community of Swipers (that’s how the company refers to their dedicated users), this app is well worth keeping an eye on. And if you haven’t tried it yet, go to and check them out!