Black cars, polite drivers, app to see where the car is, Uber is disrupting the taxi business. Soon in Sofia.

Taxi business is disrupted these days. Companies like BlaBlaCar and Uber are taking over the traditional way of transporting people in metro areas. We all hate to wait too long for a taxi, you are in and the taxi driver is smoking and listening to nasty chalga music. These days are over, even for city like Sofia, where Google, Amazon and the rest where not in a hurry to cover.

Uber is famous with its awesome service. You download an app, login in with your credit card details and you are good to go. You can pick the car, see when it’s coming. The drivers are usually super polite and ask about temperature and music preferences. You get a bottle of water that can be saver when you are in a hurry to a meeting. Plus, the cars are new and comfy. It comes at a price a bit higher than regular taxi service but I bet there are plenty of people who will be using Uber in Sofia on a regular basis.

It’s not official but the company posted 3 job listings for Sofia, so it’s definitely coming!

What’s your take? Are you going to use the service?